1. Three Artists in One by Bob Keefer
  2. A Man of Substance by Bob Keefer
  3. Painter of the People by Bob Keefer
  4. Macchia Six Exhibit by Bob Keefer
  5. Eternal Activist by Nate Traylor
  6. Visual Analysis of Jerry Ross's Portrait of Fiorella by Victoria Reis
  7. Salon des Refuses 2005 by Sylvia Pederson
  8. Art on the Go by Randi Bjornstad
  9. We Choose in Corriere Della Sera, Milan
  10. Outside Inspiration by Jordyn Brown part1
  11. Outside Inspiration by Jordyn Brown part2
  12. Video Interview by Kelly Wolfram, Barbara Marty, Elora Overbey, and Mary Jane Schulte.
  13. Inside the Artist's Studio by Lauren Messman
  14. La Tavola Italiana by Stefano Goracci
  15. Pappagallo, Italian-American Newsletter
  16. Lane Arts Council's Happy Hour Interview (2021)
  17. The subtle subversion of Jerry Ross
  18. A country home for dynamic art