Other works in the show:


Title: Near Stresa on Lago Maggiore

Description: View from a boat looking towards the shore where an Italian villa is surrounded by large trees and some boats. In the distance a castello reflects the warm afternoon sun. Painted in a direct, bold "alla prima" style.

$350 -- sold

Title: Mount Pisgah Vista

Description: Distant view of Eugene's Mount Pisgah from Lane Community College. Complex cloud forms in the sky. Dark tree formations and blue-violet street at bottom of the painting contrasts with brightness of the sky.


Title: McKenzie River Mountains

Description: Plein air painting made in summer 2009. Greens predominate with impressionist brush strokes suggesting trees standing below a sky with dancing clouds and and light blue colors of distant mountain range. Painted from Angel Flight Road area.


Title: Eugene Springtime Vista

Description: This work celebrates Eugene's glorious springtime skys. This painting is all about the light playing over the subtle earthy green hues of Eugene's lush green skyline.


Title: Eugene Fall Vista

Description: Another dramatic sky this time of the Mount Pisgah area. Eugene's "peek-a-boo" tree formations dance under broad shadows created by the ever-changing and powerful sky.


Title: Oregon Landscape

Description: Oil sketch in which "la macchia" establishes a distant view based on diagonal lines. Minimalist approach in which just a few colors can define large areas.



Title: Riomaggiore Piazza

Description: The bright colors of this Cinque Terre town piazza are apparent. Umbrellas and tables outside of shops and bars allow people to congregate. Trees and colorful lamps decorate the area. The lone bench in the foregroung suggests a resting place promising a great view of the town further below and perhaps the distant sea.


Title: McKenzie Mountains

Description: Bold colors are characteristic of the Oregon summer in the mountains as the sun begins to set. Strong diagonals counter balance the solid horizontal mountain range and lead the eye to the road below. Warm colors of the hillside reveal red earth where trees have been clearcut. The sky reflects the summer sunset with warm pinks, cool blues and blue-violets.


Title: Land of the Mountain Lions

Description: A series of carefully placed diagonals take the eye out to the horizon where the forest range of the foreground continues. The bright sky has interesting cloud formations suggesting dynamic and changing weather. The greyness of winter has passed and the warm greens and yellow grasses have returned. Some of the brown-red underpainting has been left untouched to add to the sketchy and energy-filled atmosphere.


Title: Summer in Venice

Description: With underpainting in sienna (the "la macchia or pattern") strongly established, color has been added here and there. The pastel colors of the buildings (yellows, pinks, reds) and the green and blue elements of the canal. A light-filled sky. The painting captures the world-famous luminosity of this location, the meeting of East and West.


Title: Umbrian Landscape

Description: In the foreground the vineyard and yellow flowers, In the distance blue mountains and a middleground forest. The bright sky of the summer. Very minimalist but just enough to conveu the mood and create a perspective.


Title: Early Spring, Owen's Trail

Description: The vast expanse of the Pacific Northwest, mysterious shadows in cool blues. A strong slanting diagonal in foreground. Large clouds massing above but brilliant in the springtime sun. A reflection in the distance of a valley and flat area leading to a very far way, coastal mountain range.


Title: Spencer's Butte

Description: Oregon Fall landscape, a symphony of colors painted in "la machhia massa" style, meaning the basic composition and forms are established with broad brush work. The painting is completed very spontaneously with attention to laying in "spots" of color. Highly saturated orange in one area contrasts with the complementary soft blues of the sky.


Title: Italian Countryside with Distant View

Description: A vast panorama of the Italian countryside. Distant blue mountains with a brightly lit sky. A dark hill descends at a diagonal into the distance casting a dark shadow. In the foreground a vast farm field extends to the bottom of the canvas. The feeling sought after is one of flight or soaring as the warmly lighted far away area invites one's gaze which then moves on into the luminated clouds with blue-violet hues.


Title: Moving Clouds in Spring

Description: Low lying clouds sweep by on a scene of rugged Oregon forest ranges and, in the foreground, a grassy hillside. The acquas, grass and fir tree greens predominate.



Title: French Canal Scene

Description: "Marais Poitevin" is a canal area in west-central France where you can rent a boat and float slowly into forested areas that have a most wonderful warm light in the summer. Here a boat sits adandoned near a tree and the sun's reflections in the water create playful patterns in blue and green. Beyond the yellow-green pasture along the cana,l imagine a place where cows are peacefully grazing.


Figurative work (old master studies)

Title: The Meeting of the Tribes (after Rubens)

Description: "The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek" after Rubens. After "discovering" that the play of light through a composition had to be exaggerated to reveal the abstract pattern that captures the essential energy of the original painting, I reversed the usual oil painters motto of painting from dark to light forms and started with the lights. The figures are then bathed in a spiritual light and the painting takes on a baroque appearance, more a heavenly realm than an earthly one. Beneath the reclining slave in the foreground a light blue floor extends to create a border for the bottom of the canvas, completing the study in a lighter note from the original.


Title: "L'arrivo del bollettino di Villafranca"

Description: Second version after Induno work from the Risorgimento. Discussions after the announcement of the grand compromise which delayed the final arrival of Italian independance and unity. Rich grays and reds mingle with bright yellow sunshine. Flowing gowns and the varied costumes of patriotic soldiers and veterans.


Title: Tiepolo on Fire

Description: One of Tiepolo's ceiling compositions with dramatic foreshortening. The figures are posed in bold gestures. Very abstract, the figures are suggested in a few strokes. The color harmony juxtaposes the cerulean blue-violet of the sky with the vivid oranges and reds of the figures.

$150 -- sold

Title: Ricci Study

Description: Abstract figurative work showing a church scene with a saint figure praying at the altar and the virgin and child seated above. Child angels (putti) are siggested with free brush strokes at the top. The sketchy foreground shows the leg of a reclining figure while an angel is seated by the altar in the bottom right. The color harmony is established in primary colors.


Title: Induno Study

Description: After Domenico Induno's "L'arrivo del bollettino di Villafranca" is a loose brush study of this important moment in the history of Italy. The victory of the Risorgimento (Italian independence and unity) was postoned in a compromise which kept the Austrians in power for another eight years.


Figurative work: Italian Beach scenes

Title: Sympathy Hotel Beach

Description: A painting of the beach scene at Martinsicuro, Italia. The theme of this work is the Italian Beach. The painting seek to recreate, for the viewer, the energy and space of the the Italian beach which is somewhat unique. Tightly packed people, beach chairs and objects, umbrellas, create an intimate space charged with color and vitality. Many different hues of blue harmonize nicely with shades or orange and pink. Highly saturated reds heat up these beach scenes which are composed using a juxtaposition of abstract shapes. The brightly lighted sand creates a warm and sunny atmosphere which is cooled hues of light greens and violets. The umbrellas create an inner space on the beach, populated by the bathers and sun worshippers, who gather together to visit and talk, giving rise to a spontaneous communty. An "architectue" of umbrellas and figures emerges which in turn provides a kind of lively theatre of color and form.


Title: Beach Repose

Description: Very minimalist in approach. Just a fast oil sketch in light burnt sienna followed by coloring a few very coherent shapes that resolve the overall composition nicely into balanced forms. This balance in color and abstraction creates the mood of sunny repose. The bright white reflected from the umbrella poles serves to punctuate this mood of relaxation and play.


Title: Woman and Child, Martinsicuro Beach

Description: A woman relaxes under the beach umbrella while a young boy plays with a yellow plastic shovel. A variety of blue notes plays around the scene which is lighted in bright yellow of the summer's sun.


Title: Italian Family on the Beach

Description: Late in the afternoon, the beach is empty of people and it is possible to find quiet meditative locations to sit with the children and listen to sea.


Note: Not in the show yet, still a "Work in progress."


Title: Canopy of Sun Umbrellas

Description: A man seated with a blue towel looks to the left of center under a large umbrella. Bright yellow sunshine heats up the sandy beach. Red and blue ombrelloni spread out across the sealine. The ever-present beach chair in the foreground.


Title: The Radiance of the Summer's Sun

Description: The warm sun's light unifies this disparate group of sunbathers as the blue sea glistens in the background.A group of young boys on the right play on the beach near the mother who sits on a yellow cloth retrieving something from her red backpack. On the left a group of figures. The light falls on the center of the painting which lights up the green umbrella and the yellow beach objects.


Title: Lungomare

Description: This is another painting with a lighter, softer touch. People walking along the beach are lightly painted using thin washes of oil paint. The result is a lighter. more relaxed image.



Note: Work in the show actually got carried more into "completion" which might work better or not depending on your tastes.


Description: A young girl in a green beach dress moves away from her mother towards the sea. A mother relaxes on a beach chair. A colorful beach bag at her side. The bright light of the sun illuminating the area just beyond the dark shadows cast by umbrellas behind her.


Title: Abbronzatura

Description: Two young women tanning in the sun. Behind them beach objects and the blue sea.

$250 -- sold

Title: Sulla Spiaggia

Description: In the late afternoon the beach becomes less populated and reveals the openness and expanse of the sea.


Title: Umbrella Refuge

Description: Creation of an inner space or architecture under the umbrellas. A young girl is streched out on a green-blue blanket under a green umbrella. Nearby figure mass in a complex pattern of colors.


Title: Young Girl Changing

Description: In the center a young girl is nude on her mother's lap getting dried off. . Behind them is a pink umbrella. All the colors are like gellato. Forms melt into one another.


Title: A Moment to Chat

Description: The view is typical of the Italian beach where families come in all sizes, shapes, ages, and repose at all angles and viewpoints.


Title: Ferragosto

Description: A somewhat abstract but bright and light filled piece. A lone figure walks under a white umbrella and around the central walking figure.blue umbrella. Strongly staturated oranges, reds, and blues are placed throughout the scene.


Title: Amanti

Description:Two figures intertwine on beach chairs. The sea and sky behind them, they relax in the sun and absorb the sound of the sea.


Title: Amici Insieme

Description: The group at the right seem to be chatting. In the distant center is a pregnant woman and a child in a red bathing suit nearby. On the left, a man wears a baseball cap and in the left foreground is a large beach chair waiting for its occupant. On the far right two girls talk. All manner of colors abound.



La Ragazza di Arezzo

The volumetric treatment of the face contrasts with the abstract development of the body. The princess' hat morphs into a serpent-like shape winding around and down the torso. The multi-color outfit suggests passion and merriment. A solid yellow-green background lights up the figure.



Description: Portrait of a young German woman in a serious mood. The style reveals a light underpainted sketch in burnt sienna, with just a touch of color spots here and there, true to the Macchiaioli principle.


Title: La Donna Milanese

Description: Characteristic of the style known as "Scapigliatura" in Milan, the portrait is painted in bold strokes and the sitter's expression reveals a contrast between the 'ideal' and the "true", the harsh reality, as described in objective anatomy. This introspective gaze has the viewer imagining what thoughts the woman is pondering. Perhaps the wife or lover of a bohemian artist, the difficult realities of life are balanced with concerns for art, the spiritual in art, and deeper consciousness. There is a softness and very feminine quality that is further enhanced by the spiritual light relecting from the face and surrounding atmosphere.