Gestural Painting of Figures in Landscape

(People, Farm animals, Buidings, Tools, Structures)

2-day Workshop

Oct 27-28


$95 PPLC members $135 non-members

Workshop Site: Alpaca Farm, Dillard Road, Eugene, Oregon

Gesture sketching figures and farm animals using the Italian "macchia" (spot) painting technique. Working rapidly and spontaneously developing drawing, composing, and color analysis skills. Workshop will cover composing with abstract and overlapping shapes, figures in perspective, color pairs that give figures realism and focus.

Learn how to paint rapidly as people and animals move about. Learn how to "freeze frame" a moment in memory and record events with spots or dabs of the brush.

Bring any mediums and supports desired. Demos will be in oil paint using walnut oil and/or a linseed/mineral spirits mixture and painting on canvas or cardbard.




Instructor: Jerry Ross has exhibited in Europe and the USA. He currently has plans for exhibits in Tuscany and Sicily for 2012-13. Closer to home, he is working with Victoria Biedron to establish a "Club Macchia" group that will exhibit in Brownsville in October.

Jerry is dedicated to a more contemporary version of the Italian I Macchiaioli style initiated in the 1856-70 period in Tuscany. The Italian painters Borrani, Lega, Cota,Fattori, Signorii, Banti, Sernesi, and Abbati are characteristic of this movement.


More complicated figurative scenes in natural landscape. This painting (to he left) is a study for a Garibaldi encampment after Induno. Soldiers are seen near a tree and walking in various directions towards a distant mountain.

Spot painting is the best line of attack for such scenes. The Workshop will discuss how to use spots (large brush dabs) to "hold" the shapes all across the canvas and all at once. This approach allows for fast painting of large complicated scenes by simplifying the various focal points into smaller "abstract" paintings in four quadrants.

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Victoria Biedron




class size limit: 15